A cozy morning at home

It’s another peculiar day in Missouri. As I’m writing this, it is super sunny outside, while simultaneously pouring down rain, and a huge limb just fell in our yard despite there being no wind whatsoever. And all day today, all I kept thinking about is how I wish it would rain so I could have a cozy evening in. I want to preface this by saying, I absolutely love what I do as a portrait photographer. I love every person I meet, and I love the growth that is coming with each and every session. It’s no secret that I’m a chatty person and I’m an open book to everybody I meet. My dad used to tell me that I could have a conversation with a brick wall for hours and never get bored. He wasn’t wrong. That said. I love being a recluse in the rest of my free time. I am extroverted when I need to be, but introverted the rest of the time. My idea of a perfect day is staying in comfy clothes all day, not leaving my house, and watching movies or doing crafts, or just being lazy in general. And sure, my other idea of a perfect day is one that is filled with farmers markets, flowers and plants, adventures in new places I’ve never been before, and good food. But for the sake of this blog post today, we’re keeping it cozy.

I met Jessica and Ethan years ago (maybe 2016 or 2017, if I remember correctly?) when they hired me to take their engagement photos. I was in the early stages of developing my photography business and figuring out what style I wanted to shoot. I hadn’t yet discovered editing presets (truly, a lifesaver) and I believe I still had my studio. It is insane how much can change in just six or seven years.

This particular session was one of my styled sessions I had set up. My ultimate goal with it was to get a couple in their element. Super snuggly and cozy. Surrounded by their pets and their knick knacks. In the place they call home.

I love everything about what makes a house a home. The frames on the wall. The collection of records and books stacked on the shelves. The indents on opposite ends of the couch where each person has their own space. The cat and dog toys scattered around the floor. I could stare at Architectural Digest Tik Toks and photos all day every day, but that’s just another pretty space that feels a little too sterile, you know? Personally, my house isn’t complete without the tumbleweeds of dog hair, the sticky notes and lists that are strategically placed, the enormous amount of plants, and my collection of whozits and whatzits galore.

I have a few reasons for wanting to plan an in home session. As I had mentioned above, I feel as though you really get a better feel for a person once you’re in their home. You see how they live and decorate and what they’re interested in. You see a side to them that not many people may have access to, and I think that really helps with telling their story and depicting their authentic selves. (Of course, that’s not essential for a session. I get a pretty good feel for people just by talking to them for hours on end because I don’t know how to end a conversation like the true midwesterner I am.) Along with that, I love the challenges that come with in home sessions. Each home is different in terms of space and lighting. I love how window light illuminates your skin in a photo and the shadows it can cast. It does have it’s downsides too, but I love getting creative in a space and finding solutions to make it more magical than it may appear.

I was thrilled when Jessica said she was interested in this styled session. I remember from their first session how chill both Jessica and Ethan were. They’re very go with the flow, and it was exactly the energy I was looking for. It was an added bonus that when I did show up to their house for this shoot, I instantly discovered that they’re also mid century enthusiasts. Their dining table and chairs set is *chefs kiss* and the little thrifted elements around their home gave me life.

As with every session, it takes time to get into the flow and melt into it. I’ll admit, despite being in the comfort of your own home, it is a little weird to act natural when your normal Sunday morning doesn’t consist of a photographer taking pictures of you and your spouse snuggling on the couch. Jessica and Ethan, however, were pros and it took no time at all to relax into it. I think the only time that there wasn’t absolute relaxation is when we tried squeezing three cats. and two dogs into one photo. But as you already know, I’m always here for the chaotic moments!

All in all, It was really nice getting to catch up with them. They have so many great things coming to their lives over the next couple of years, so I feel as though this session came at just the right time. I felt as though it was a beautiful time for connection, and allowing the time to just relax and be present with each other. They’re both quiet people, but by the end of it, Ethan was going fully bringing Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park vibes, and Jessica was bound and determined to catch all the pets. We ended the session by taking a picture of them on their front porch. I don’t know what it is about front porch pictures, other than I just love architecture and old houses, but I take them every time I do an in home session. I like to think it’s something that adds to your story. A place you can look back on as another chapter in your book. Maybe it’s just the ultra sentimental part of me.

To wrap this up, prior to working with Jessica and Ethan in their home, I had primarily only done in home sessions for newborns. I think their session opens a door for me and proves that you don’t need a special occasion to have photos done. I do believe that the best sessions are also the coziest. And I’m all for more in home sessions with couples and families. So yeah. Let me be a fly on the wall in your house one morning or afternoon and let’s capture your life in the best way possible – in the space where your best memories are made.

Thank you for reading again and getting a slice of my Friday afternoon thoughts. Now check out all of the beauties from this session!

With much love and gratitude,

– Taylor

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