Great question. I’d love to tell you! Photography is inherently nostalgic. When I look back at old family photos, they’re real. They’re genuine. It’s a moment in time and not just a pose and a smile. It’s the memory. It’s the people who are no longer with us. It’s the good times where in that one moment, everything was perfect.

It’s for all of these reasons that photography is so special to me. While I do still take those “posed and smiling” photos, I also seek to capture the emotions you feel and help you relive it over and over again. 


So you may be thinking

If you wanted to pin point the moment I found photography, let’s journey back to Disney World in 1999. Picture it: Barbie Polaroid Camera, Parade of Lights, and a 5 year old who fell in love with the imperfections of every image. Fast forward to now, and I can tell you wholeheartedly that this journey has been far from easy, but so unbelievably rewarding. I'm always exploring. Always learning. Always growing. 

I love old photos, traveling the world, and have a passion for weddings. 

Hey friend, I'm Taylor

I have always loved art and photography, and I have always loved weddings just as much. Growing up, I was the kid glued to the TV during every wedding and happily ever after on movies, and you could usually find me planning my pretend wedding on the playground (fun fact, I never grew out of the wedding planning. I treated wedding planning like an Olympic sport). And it wasn't until my senior year of high school, and being a member of my school's yearbook staff, that I realized just how much I loved documentary photography and wanted to combine both loves and pursue this as a career. I received my degree in 2016, and have been growing my business ever since.  

DISNEY at 5, a degree
in 2016

Where it all began

We only have this one life to live, and we all share the same planet to call home. I try to lead an eco friendly lifestyle, to the best of my abilities. Additionally, I love everything mid century, especially my 1963 home, and regular visits to our local antique stores. 

Sustainable living and all things vintage

Nothing is better than the feeling of kneading dough, or being elbow deep in some fresh soil in the springtime. I think if it were up to me, I would live in spring year round. I'm a sucker for fresh flowers, homemade bread, pretty much any baked good, and trying (and mostly failing) at homesteading. 

Fresh flowers and homemade bread

From May-October, you can usually find my husband and I at the local farmers market with our chow chow, Atlas. We love downtown Cape Girardeau for the variety of food and local businesses. Behind the scenes, we also have a black kitten named Winnie (she may or may not make a market appearance this year). Lastly, I come from a huge family and they're everything to me. I wouldn't be here without their love and support.

Family, fur babies, and farmer's markets

If there's anything I think about on a regular basis, it's weddings and where I'm going to travel to next. I got married in 2022, and still find myself on the wedding side of Tik Tok to get all the newest trends. As for my favorite places I've traveled to? I think that would be Santorini, anywhere in the PNW, Iceland, Ireland, and the French Riviera. 

Traveling the world and all things wedding related.

Outside of photography, I love tending to my houseplants, reading, baking, embroidery, antiquing, flower arranging, painting pottery at Creative Ewe, and - when time allows - playing Sims or A Little to the Left. 

A good book, a few crafts, and a whole lot of plants

a few of my favorite things...