A styled session in the woods

Happy Thursday everybody! I’m just going to jump right into it with today’s post because I love this couple. I love this session. Everything about them is perfection and I can’t stop obsessing over all of it. Without further ado: Megon and Jake.

Flashback to 2018. Megon had reached out to me and informed me that her boyfriend of one month had grown out a mullet for a triathlon and she wanted to do some super corny 80’s styled photos. Naturally, I couldn’t refuse and that session very quickly became one of my most popular posts on social media. Truthfully, I didn’t know much about either of them when they had booked me. They were equally quirky and so photogenic. They mastered the art of being cheesy. And they are, without a doubt, the most down to earth, coolest, wackiest, one-of-a-kind couples you will ever meet. I never would have thought that their 80’s styled session would have been so influential on me, but I knew in that moment, I for sure wanted to work with them again.

Which I did. In the summer of 2019, they modeled for me again, though this time it was more of a romantic greenhouse session. It was one of those sessions where they just vibed and looked at plants and walked barefoot through a greenhouse and it was dream worthy. One of my images from that session also got featured by one of my favorite photographers, which was huge for me.

In 2020, I had the honor of going in on a secret proposal. Jake’s family had all come into town for some family photos and Megon had informed me that she intended on proposing to him during that session. I’ve known for awhile that Megon and Jake were far from traditional, and I expected nothing less. It was SO hard to keep a straight face during that shoot knowing what was coming. And Jake’s reaction literally had me tearing up. A couple months later, they tied the knot at Megon’s parents’ house, surrounded by friends and family, bonfires, vintage glassware, good food, a full moon, and a few Johnny Cash lyrics.

So here we are now, coming up on their three year wedding anniversary, and I finally got to create what might just be the best session I’ve ever had with them – or ever had period. (To be fair, every session has been magical and they just keep getting better). We walked through the woods at sunset, discussed the lost art of blanket farming, ran in slow motion, dodged poison ivy, and ultimately created the most magical photos.

When I say I absolutely adore this couple, I mean it wholeheartedly. To know them is to love them, and I consider myself so lucky to be the one who has gotten to capture their love story over the years. Individually, they are truly remarkable people. Megon is an absolute rockstar of a human being. She co-owns Roots Spa & Salon and Soul Ritual in Cape, and is an esthetics teacher. (For the record, the best massages I’ve ever received in Cape were done at Roots. You should absolutely go book one ASAP.) You may also recognize her from the Vintage Now fashion shows that are held every year to raise money for the Safe House for Women. She is incredibly compassionate, and empowers everybody she meets. On the other hand, Jake is one of the kindest, most patient, supportive people you will ever know. He gives golden retriever energy and has a contagious smile and laugh. He works for the fire department, and between him and Megon, they’re saving and changing the world with all of the goodness they share.

Megon and Jake have the biggest hearts of anybody I know, and the world needs more people like them. Getting to know them over the years and document their milestones has been the greatest privilege. I wanted to keep this post a little shorter than the others, because I can talk about Megon and Jake and how wonderful they are for all eternity, but I feel like these pictures do all the talking.

I’ll forever be obsessed with how photogenic they are, and I hope we’re all still slow motion running through the woods for photos when we’re all old and gray. Megon and Jake, I can’t thank you enough for supporting my business these last five years and always being down to create the next best session. The two of you have truly helped my portfolio grow into something beautiful, and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for always being awesome. May you always be weird and quirky, and never lose the elements that make you uniquely you.

With all the love and gratitude,

– Taylor

Ps. Check out Roots Spa & Salon, Soul Ritual, and the Vintage Now fashion show on Facebook and Instagram! You won’t regret it. Honestly, I think this Vintage Now fashion show might just be the best one yet. I love this year’s theme!

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